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There is no 'The Most Merciful' but Allah and prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) is his slave and messenger. Allah, Glory be to Him, He The Most High
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Major Galaxy Explosion
Currently galaxy is decompressing

At about August 18. 2014 galaxy exploded because of the tight, twisted pressure between 0(Black hole) and 1st(Humans,Jinns) compression of the galaxy. Exact Location of the blast: Zagreb, Croatia, Europe
Thanks to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) for an explosion which prevented 0CL to pull complete 1CL into 0CL, and for a protecting pressure of the Sun, which holding all the lives, Earth, and entire Quasar system(Solar system) almost intact, by squeezing and releasing pressure of the Quasar system, the same as your heart works, as decompression(after explosion) of the galaxy is underway.
When pressure squeezes and then releases, pulls all rings, previously compressed by the 0 (CL, compression level) to 1 CL, then from 1CL to 2CL, and from the 3CL to 4CL, decompressing the galaxy.
Put your hand on your heart, to see how fast it is beating. You will notice that it beats very slow, or that much slow that you cannot even notice that it is beating.
That is because we are currently living in the decompression of the galaxy, and currently heart of all beings are squeezing - releasing pressure of the Sun, until again compression of the galaxy begins, then your heart will start to pull, compress down your 1st CL, Insha'Allah
What is your heart and more about galaxy compressions, read at: Compressions

WARNING: While decompression of the galaxy is underway, do not decide, act in any decision, unless you are 99% sure it is good, then try to think about, understand, and pray to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala).

Also, word 'god', reading it from the right to the left, gave another word.
So word 'god' must be removed from the English language, and/or not be used at all.
All my other software's, are temporary unavailable for downloading, until I remove, replace all where writes 'god'.

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